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Abstract: There is an increasing need for passive 3D scanning in many applications that have stringent energy constraints. In this paper, we present an approach for single frame, single viewpoint, passive 3D imaging using a phase mask at the aperture plane of a camera. Our approach relies on an end-to-end optimization framework to jointly learn the optimal phase mask and the reconstruction algorithm that allows an accurate estimation of range image from captured data. Using our optimization framework, we design a new phase mask that performs significantly better than existing approaches. We build a prototype by inserting a phase mask fabricated using photolithography into the aperture plane of a conventional camera and show compelling performance in 3D imaging.

Captured image

Recovered disparity

Fabricated phase mask. A 2.835mm diameter phase mask is fabricated by photolithography and attached on the back side of the lens aperture.

Real-world results from our ICCP paper. Results of various scenario are shown and compared: Indoor scenes (A, B, E, and F) are shown on the left and outdoor scenes (C, D, G, and H) are on the right; Smoothly changing surfaces are presented in (A, D and F) and sharp object boundaries in (B, C, E, G, and H); Special cases of a transparent object (B) and texture-less areas (E and F) are also included.

PhaseCam3D got the Best Poster Award at ICCP 2019! Here is the video of the ICCP talk.

Files: [paper] [supp] [poster] [slides] [code]