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Fourier Ptychography

Realize sub-diffraction limited imaging with diffuse objects using Fourier Ptychoprahy


  • Demonstrate the first working prototype in a reflection geometry to image diffuse objects
  • Designed a phase retrieval algorithm with a novel image space denoising regularization to reduce the effects of speckle
  • Reconstructed various diffuse objects with six-fold improvement of special resolution by creating a synthetic aperture

Abstract: Synthetic aperture radar is a well-known technique for improving resolution in radio imaging. Extending these synthetic aperture techniques to the visible light domain is not straightforward as optical receivers cannot measure phase information. In this work, we propose to use macroscopic Fourier ptychography (FP) as a practical means of creating a synthetic aperture for visible imaging to achieve subdiffraction limit resolution. We demonstrate the first working prototype for macroscopic FP in a reflection imaging geometry that is able to image optically rough objects. In addition, a novel image space denoising regularization is introduced to reduce the effects of speckle and improve perceptual quality of the recovered high resolution image. Our approach is validated experimentally where the resolution of various diffuse objects is improved sixfold.

Holloway, J., Wu, Y., Sharma, M.K., Cossairt, O., Veeraraghavan, A. “SAVI: Synthetic Apertures for Long-Range, Sub-Diffraction Limited Visible Imaging Using Fourier Ptychography” Science Advances, 3(4) doi:10.1126/sciadv.1602564

Please download the official copy of the paper directly [link].

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